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Daintree Rainforest

There is a place on the planet, the Daintree Rainforest, that is one of the last few locations that shows nature in it’s true form.

The location of this rainforest is in the popular Tropical North Queensland area, and it is full of so many sounds and sights that would make you think it’s a jungle. But this is a true rainforest and if you come in the rainy season you will be able to understand how the two are different.

It is a rugged region that affords visitors the unique opportunity of walking on the many paths through this natural wonder. The paths serve as a way of preserving the natural heritage as visitors are directed through without damaging or negatively affecting the wildlife and plants indigenous to this region.

The amount of types and numbers of the flora and fauna here are amazing, there are many animals and birds that can only be found here. It’s a true natural habitat with no damage by all the humans who trek through here every year. It’s listed on the World Heritage list, as one of the very few remaining true rainforests on the earth, which is why the conservation efforts are so strong to maintain it.

Day and night tours of the Daintree Rainforest are offered to visitors who come with a natural curiosity to explore all that this region has to offer. Tours are not the only way to see the rainforest however as you can choose to visit the rainforest and explore on your own. Just make sure that you do what you can to preserve all that this region has to offer. No littering or fires and of course, please leave your pets at home. The rainforest creatures and their habitat need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy as well.

The Daintree Rainforest is just one of the incredible experiences to partake in while in the Tropical North region of Australia and as it runs into the Great Barrier Reef as well, this holiday destination offers visitors a unique look at nature as it exists without interference by man.

To quote the website Tourism Town Daintree

There are hiking trails, scenic lookouts, camping sites, picnic tables and swimming holes to be explored in the Daintree.

In addition, visitors to the area can stay in eco-friendly accommodation and eat at cafes and restaurants that specialise in local delicacies.

Visiting the Daintree Rainforest exposes tourists to a wonderful outdoor experience:

Untouched tropical rainforest
Golden beaches with calm water
Hiking tracks
Thousands of species of birds and other wildlife
Remote wilderness
Ecological information about the most diverse ecosystem in the world

The Daintree has everything a wilderness lover can ask for. But the most important drawcard to the area is a product Australia is famous for: life-threatening flora and fauna. Make no mistake; if you want to be chewed on by a croc, chomped on by a snake or nibbled by a spider, the Daintree Rainforest could be just what you are looking for!

Make no mistake; if you want to be chewed on by a croc, chomped on by a snake or nibbled by a spider, the Daintree Rainforest could be just what you are looking for!

Daintree Rainforest

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