First Aid Kits

First aid Kits

When traveling regardless if you are going off-road or staying on the blacktop and using caravan parks to break your journey our safety is always important.

We encounter all types of hazards and while we cannot avoid nature we can ready ourselves in case of any unexpected situation.

While on the road we will have to expect the same sort of injuries and accidents we encounter when at home .. cut fingers, sprained ankles, bee stings, bruised knees, etc.

The most sensible action would be to have a first aid kit in your vehicle.

What you have in the first aid kit would be determined by your knowledge of first aid.

If you are a doctor, nurse or a health care professional your first aid kit is going to be very different from my kit as I have a very basic knowledge of first aid.

I searched around for first aid kits and came across this company that supplies excellent first aid kits, they are an Aussie family business, Survival Emergency Solutions

This video youtube video is from 4×4 unsealed’s website and is a must view if looking for a reasonable first aid kit

Another useful product that can be bought from their website is iFirst Aid a useful app for your phone or pad.

It is an Emergency First Aid assistant which includes essential first aid topics.

Some of the First Aid topics covered include:







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