You are in an accident! What Now


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Accidents, no matter how minor, can be stressful.

Here is a simple list of what to do if you have an accident, however, these can vary slightly state to state and also depends on the severity of the accident.

Note: if anyone is injured or has passed away as a result of the crash, you must immediately call the police and ambulance.

If you’re not injured, when safe to do so, go and check the other driver/drivers and bystanders at the scene to see if they are okay – if not, call 000 immediately.

Do not admit fault.

Let insurance agencies and the people paid to attribute fault decide who is responsible for the accident, as admitting fault at the scene can void your insurance.

If the vehicles involved in the crash are mobile, move them out of the flow of traffic.

If they are not mobile, turn off the ignition to reduce risk of fire and switch on the hazard warning lights if functioning.

Police won’t always attend to accidents, however make sure you report the accident to police if the other party does not exchange details when asked, or if there are hazards in the way of traffic flow.

Collect as many details as possible about the other driver/drivers, including: full name, address, contact details (phone numbers and email addresses), vehicle registration numbers, make and model of vehicles involved, and the other party’s vehicle insurer.

Provide your details to the other drivers.

If possible, note down any evidence about the accident and take photos to keep a true record of what occurred.

Only drive your car away if you are certain there is no damage that would make it un-roadworthy or dangerous to drive.

If you are in any doubt, don’t take the risk – call a tow truck instead.

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